Mission/Vision Statements

District Vision

Ithaca: Empowering Excellence

District Mission

We provide engaging opportunities that inspire all to excel. 

District Belief Statements

We believe...

  • A welcoming learning environment with modern and secure facilities promotes student learning and growth.

  • Students deserve a tailored learning experience, empowering them to become productive and engaged citizens.

  • A positive relationship with all members of our community builds mutual support, collaboration, and trust. 

  • Every person should feel emotionally and physically safe inside and outside of school. 

  • Students can become resilient, collaborative, and creative problem solvers. 

District Goal and Strategy Timelines

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Ithaca Junior-Senior High School Mission, Vision, and Values Statements


(What is our purpose? Why do we exist?)

Ithaca Junior/Senior High School will ensure that each student acquires the skills, knowledge, and character needed for personal development and civic responsibility.


(What do we hope to become?)

Ithaca Junior/Senior High School strives to become an academically rigorous educational setting, while continuing to offer a variety of relevant elective courses and extracurricular opportunities. We will endeavor to create a meaningful relationship with every student that rewards excellence, stresses self-discipline and creates high expectations.


(How must we behave in order to make our shared vision a reality?)

The administration, faculty and staff will:

  • Hold student learning as our number one goal

  • Encourage an atmosphere which values education

  • Demonstrate and encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect

  • Develop and model social responsibility

  • Model and develop proactive leadership at all levels

  • Communicate with each other, parents, and students in a timely, regular, and meaningful manner

  • Preserve the sanctity of instructional time

  • Promote our own professional growth

  • Model a commitment to lifelong learning

  • Build positive relationships with students

  • Use data to facilitate and enhance instruction

  • Create an expectation of accountability among ourselves

  • Promote group cohesion and positive regard for each other

Ithaca North Elementary Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate all students with the support of home, community and staff so that the joy of learning will be an ongoing process.  Students will learn more than facts; they will be taught how to learn, how to think and how to discover.

Vision Statement

  • Students will accept responsibility for their learning and behavior.

  • Staff will accept responsibility for helping students meet high expectations for achievement.

  • Families will accept responsibility for the general well-being of their children and demonstrate a personal commitment to academic success.

Values Statement

In order to achieve the vision of North Elementary, we will:

  • commit to student achievement and well-being

  • commit to inform parents about state grade level curriculum requirements

  • commit to develop curriculum which advances progress toward the state standards and benchmarks

  • commit to develop positive relationship with school, staff and community

South Elementary School Mission, Vision, Value Statement

Mission Statement

South Elementary school exists to develop skilled and enthusiastic learners who are responsible and caring citizens.

Vision Statement

South Elementary School strives to become a student-focused professional learning community encompassing our families, schools, and community. With rigorous standards, we strive for student success by providing each student with the support of our educational community and a safe environment in which they can learn and achieve success.

  • Standards - We accept responsibility for students meeting grade level expectations

  • Strive - We assist students as they strive to reach their highest potential

  • Success - We help each student reach his/her full potential academically and socially

  • Support - We seek strong parent and community relationships in the educational process

  • Safe - We create a safe, supportive, positive and encouraging learning environment

Values Statement

South Elementary School is committed to the education and well-being of each student. We have identified the following values in order to guide the policies, procedures, programs, priority, and day-to-day decisions of our building. We will honor, advance, and protect these values. In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school, we will demonstrate:

  • Trustworthiness - We will educate/learn with integrity and unite to achieve a high level of mutual support and trust among all members of the learning community

  • Respect - We will treat one another with dignity and courtesy

  • Responsibility - We will actively promote and support the building and district mission vision, values and goals

  • Fairness  - We will value justice and honesty in our relationships; we will develop and implement policies, programs and procedures to monitor and support individual student success

  • Caring - We will provide a safe and compassionate learning environment for students,staff, and community committed to student achievement and life-long learning

  • Citizenship - We will develop positive relationships with school, staff and community