Group Space Reservation

Before filling out the Group Space Reservation form, you must read the Group Space Reservation Information and Fees document and check the Reservation Schedule on the YellowJacket Reservation Calendar to verify the space you are requesting is available for the time you are requesting. Requests can be denied due to a conflict or event that is not yet on the shared calendar and your reservation should not be expected until you have received confirmation. 

Group Space Reservation Information

Group Space Reservation Information and Fees

The Ithaca Public School system is pleased to be of service to the people of the district through the use of its facilities. We welcome your comments regarding ways and means by which our service can be improved. In turn we request that groups and organizations using these facilities aid us by accepting the responsibility for seeing that their individual members observe the following rules and regulations.

  1. Smoking shall not be permitted in or on school premises, including vehicles on school premises, at any time.

  2. For reasons of safety and building maintenance, decorations and scenery shall not be put up unless the permission is granted.

  3. The applicant is held responsible for the preservation of order and for any loss or damage caused by careless or improper use of the facilities and buildings.

  4. In the event a school activity conflicts with another scheduled activity, the school event or activity shall have priority.

  5. The right to revoke a permit at any time is reserved by the appropriate school authorities.

When you have read the above document and checked the Reservation Schedule on then YellowJacket Reservation Calendar, you may fill out the request form below or by visiting