Ithaca Public Schools Latch Key Program 2018-2019

General Guidelines

  • After school care is available from the end of school to 6:15 p.m. This includes all regular school days, half days, and extended work days.

  • Latch Key is available to enrolled children at North or South Elementary Schools.  They must have an enrollment card and a signed health statement on file. Enrollment cards are available in the North and South School Offices.

  • Latch Key will not be held on days when we have unexpected weather related closures in the afternoon—students will be sent home.

  • Latch Key will not be held on days that are regularly scheduled school vacation days.

  • Transportation to South School from North School for 3rd through 6th graders is available.

  • A snack is provided for all Latch Key students after school.

  • Students on half days will be provided a sack lunch and snack.

Where is Latch Key Held?

Generally, afternoon Latch Key is held in the South Elementary School Library/Media Center. On occasion, Latch Key is moved to an unused classroom within South School.

What Does Latch Key Cost

Afternoon Latch Key works on an hourly payment system. The hourly rate is $2.75 an hour for one child if the day is an extended work day, half day, or a regular day. An additional child from the same family will be charged an additional $1.75 per hour. Once an hour is started, a child is charged for the whole hour regardless if they stay 5 minutes of that hour or if they stay 45 minutes of that hour.

Payments are expected to be made daily or weekly, however, a reminder will be provided every two weeks. All accounts must be paid in full every 4 weeks. Your child will not be allowed to return to Latch Key until your account is paid in full and report cards may be withheld. Families who have not picked up their children by 6:15 p.m.will be charged an additional $20.00 per child.

Latch Key Rules

  1. Students are expected to follow the directions of the latch key staff.

  2. This is not an extension of the classroom, but students may work on homework.

  3. Students may not leave the Latch Key area under any circumstances without permission.

  4. Rough and loud play will not be allowed.

  5. Students will be given 1 warning and then a time-out will be imposed.

  6. Further problems will result in a referral to the Principal and conference with the parent.

  7. A third infraction will result in the student being removed from Latch Key.

  8. Even though school may not be in session, this is a school and all school rules apply.