Athletic Schedules

PDF Schedules

PDF schedules can be found by clicking the appropriate Google Drive folder in the section below. These will be updated as the schedule changes are confirmed. 

Day to Day Calendar for Practices/Games:

Click on the button below will take you to an interactive, "day to day" calendar. This will give you every practice and game going on that day. It also includes other Ithaca Public Schools events outside of the Athletic Department (i.e. theater productions, board meetings, blood drives, etc). Here you can filter by team/event, choose to get email/text updates, and select multiple views to see the calendar by day, week, or month with future and past events. 

Ithaca Public Schools Event Calendar


"Like" and "Follow" our Athletic facebook page to get minute to minute changes. 

Community Email List:

Every season an email is sent out to a "community email list" compiled by the athletic department with all current season schedules. Every Monday, we also send out a "this week in sports" email to this list showing the weekly schedule for sports. Anytime there is a schedule change or cancellation due to weather or other issues, we also send an email to this list. We try to keep this email list for sports only but sometimes you will get an email from us about other community events. If you are interested in getting on this email list, email and ask to be put on it.

If you have any issues with either of the above not working, please contact Ithaca Athletics at 989-875-2550 or by email.

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