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2018-2019 School of Choice Window

Under Section 105 and 105c, applications for enrollment are now available for nonresident students residing within the Gratiot Isabella Regional Education Service District (GIRESD) and nonresident students residing within a contiguous Intermediate School District of Ithaca Public Schools.

Ithaca Public Schools are taking applications for the 2018-2019 school year.  Applications will be accepted now through the early application deadline of August 10 for all grades, Kindergarten through Grade 12.

School of Choice Steps

  1. Contact Tammy Puffpaff at Superintendent's Office for an application (710 N. Union Street, Ithaca, 989-875-3700)
  2. Return application to Superintendent's Office no later than 3 PM on August 10.

Ithaca Public Schools will not provide transportation.

Ithaca Public Schools reserves the right to decline admission to students who have been suspended or expelled from another school district.

Agreements for Special Education students who reside outside the GIRESD must be obtained prior to enrolling in Ithaca Public Schools.

Schools of Choice Application 2018-2019

Schools of Choice Records Release 2018-2019

Schools of Choice 105 Brochure 2018-2019

Schools of Choice Insert 2018-2019


Ithaca Public Schools will provide parents with an opportunity to review the school records of their child on an annual basis.

Parents will also be informed of the District policy and types of student information released to newspapers, colleges, etc. Parents who wish to opt out of having their child listed in any directory by the district must complete the student directory opt out form. The form is posted on the district website under Parent Notices.

Parent Notices

Please click the links below to view annual parent notices and forms.

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