Principal's Greeting/Message

Dear Ithaca Junior-Senior High Students, Parents, and Guardians

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  The return of students and staff brings with it a new sense of hope, as we all recover from the past five months away from each other.  This year, I have the privilege of representing the Ithaca community as your Junior/Senior High School Principal.  I look forward to this challenge, knowing that this year will be unique for everyone involved.  Now more than ever, we need to make sure we are looking after each other.  I have no doubt that the teaching staff, and all those who will come in contact with your son/daughter this year will step up to the challenges we will face.

Junior High School is a time of change.  The work load and social adjustments will all be new to the students and parents.  Our focus is not only on what students learn in class, but also about what type of person they are, and will become.  Ithaca High School students know first-hand that all students have the opportunity to make their high school experience personally meaningful.  I encourage all of you to take advantage of all Ithaca High School has to offer.

Parents and guardians play a major role in the success of our students.  Together we can create an environment that enables our students to reach their full potential.  Throughout the school year there will be numerous opportunities to engage in your child’s learning experience. I implore you to take advantage of all of these activities.

I look forward to serving the students, staff, parents, and the Ithaca community this year.  No doubt it will be a challenge, yet one we all should embrace as we try to bring back some normalcy in our lives.   If I can be of help during the school year, please don’t hesitate to call me.  Best wishes to all of you this school year!


Jim Thompson

Principal, Ithaca Junior-Senior High School