Responsible Thinking Process

Our Discipline Philosophy

Studentshave the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach in safety.No one has the right to disrupt, to prevent other students fromlearning, or to violate the rights of others.

Our Discipline Process

Theintent of this school discipline is to teach students who are acting asa disturbance within the school environment, how to think of ways ofreaching their goals without violating the rights of others. This isdone by asking students to search within themselves and decide the waythey want to be. A discipline process, to be effective, must treatstudents the same way as those having difficulty in an academicsubject: in a non-punitive atmosphere with understanding, respect, andpatience. This is what the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP) is allabout. Because RTP is based on Perceptual Control Theory, we know howindividuals control their perceptions, thus we are able to offer moreeffective support when working with students. It's the application ofPCT principles through the procedures of RTP that really sets RTP apartfrom all other approaches.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that we are designed to control our perceptions, not out behaviors.

  • Webelieve that as we control our perceptions, others may, whetherintended or unintended, disturb what we are trying to control.

  • Webelieve people are individually responsible for how they control theirperceptions, regardless of any disturbances that may occur and whocreates them.

  • We believe that when a person is attempting to control another, counter-control may occur.

Copyright 2002 by George Venetis and Ed Ford