Welcome to the Ithaca Public Schools Athletic Website. You can find information about athletic events in the links included here and some explanation of various links below.


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Guide to the I.H.S. Athletic Web Site

Some of the links in this section's navigation are clarified for you below:

  • Athlect Contact Info: Hours for the Athletic Office, Athletic Director or Secretary phone number or email address
  • Prices: Current ticket and pass prices for the T.V.C.
  • Workers: if you would like to work for a family pass
  • Parents Corner: Parent information for meetings and parent's night
  • Schedules: Ithaca Athletic Schedules and Event Calendars. Scores and up to date information can be found on MHSAA's website after the event. 
  • Directions: Directions to away activities. Please contact the Athletic Department if a location is missing.
  • Operation Turf Website: This will take you to the Operation Turf website where you can find out more information about a the community group raising funds for Turf.