PCMI Teacher Substitute Enrollment Instructions

Ithaca Public Schools directions:

Contact PCMI by going to https://pcmiservices.com to complete the enrollment packet which is  the first phase of paperwork.

Go to the Gratiot/Isabella RESD located at 1131 E. Center St., Ithaca to be fingerprinted.

If you have been fingerprinted within the past year through another school district, download the fingerprint release form, complete and sign it and return it to Tamara Puffpaff at Ithaca Public Schools via e-mail at tpuffpaff@ithacaschools.net, fax at 989-875-4538, or mail at 710 N. Union St., Ithaca, MI  48847.

Click here to download the fingerprint release form

PCMI will not start your second phase of paperwork until the results are received by Ithaca Public Schools.

PCMI will be notified by Ithaca Public Schools once you are accepted by the local districts.  

PCMI will contact you to complete the second phase of paperwork.

Once PCMI has processed all your paperwork, you and Ithaca Public Schools will be notified via e-mail that you are in compliance.