Chromebook HP G8 11 EE

1:1 (One to One) Information

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You can find resources for our 1:1 initiative on this page and in the menu's. We strive for success and want to help you be successful too. If you are struggling with an issue and can't resolve it on this section of the website, please use the Chromebook Help Request Form. 

Important Information:

We have gotten a few questions and thought it important to highlight them here. As we get others we will add to this.

Q: Does my child have to checkout a Chromebook?

A: Yes, this year with Ithaca's 1:1 initiative, Chromebooks are similar to required textbooks for class. This way every student has the same access in class and teachers have the same device for purposes of classroom device control, lesson experience, and planning purposes as multiple types of devices can cause issues based on age, operating system, and allowable content. 

Q: We have a device at home. Does my child have to bring the Chromebook home? 

A: While the answer is no, we strongly suggest you talk through this option with your student. While we encourage you to choose the option of the student taking the device home every night, we will have a place for students who aren't taking Chromebooks home to check them out and back in at the beginning and end of each day. This will be before first hour and at the end of the school day. This system must be followed every day and students cannot choose to leave it some days and take it home other days. You will need to decide if the device will be going home every day with the student or will be remaining at school at the end of every day. The device will still be checked out to your child and insurance will need to opted in or out as well as the technology handbook acceptance. 

Q: When paying for the insurance, can I use a card?

A: Unfortunately, no, not this year. We hope to have other methods of payment as options in the future, but at this time we can only accept cash or check (made payable to Ithaca Public Schools). 

Q: I have a student in 7-12 and also a student in elementary. Is this checkout and insurance the same for both?

A: Yes and no. The checkout is not done at the elementary level in the same way as they will not be taking devices home. However, every student will have a device assigned to them for the entire school year. Yes, parents can opt into insurance for these devices as well for a lower rate since they remain in the classroom. It is $10 per device or $5 for Free/Reduced families. The family cap is the same across the district. More information will come home with your elementary student about this.