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Ithaca Public Schools District Goals

To improve communication, internally and externally

Information about the changing educational environment and its relation to school district goals and priorities will be continuously and effectively shared with members of the staff and community.

To create collaborative partnerships that strengthens the educational program

The school district seeks to continue working with the City of Ithaca, other governmental agencies and others who are interested in improving education and the quality of life in the community.

To more effectively engage the community in the educational process

At all levels school board to school members of the community will be more actively engaged in determining and developing support for the school district's future.

To develop and implement a plan for improving school district facilities

School district facilities must be improved and updated to assure that that the learning environment in each school is safe, secure, and capable of supporting the technology that has become an integral part of school programming.

To enhance student achievement by strengthening the curriculum

The district will encourage and nurture curriculum innovation, and work to expand the educational program and enhance student achievement by providing more access to on-line, community college, and advanced placement classes.

Last Modified on October 28, 2013